• Shanghai aim to turn Shanghai into a global center for asset management(Shanghai is moving to become a world hub for asset management while regulations make continued efforts to improve the business environment. The moves come amid growing interest by industry leaders in expanding business in the city)
  • Beijing ranks top in business environment(Compiled by China Media Group, the 2019 annual business environment report evaluated 36 Chinese cities, namely four municipalities, 27 provincial-level capitals, and five other large cities on such indicators as infrastructures, human resources, financial service, governments environment and innovations. Beijing scored 93,67 in the evaluations, followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.)
  • Beijing hospital increasing beds to prepare for patients
  • Covid-19 may survive at low temperatures
  • Huawei AI innovation center makes public debut in Suzhou
  • No import food found with virus after cluster infections
  • Thousands of cars in import scheme shipped t Tianjin from Dubai
  • Measures help former veterans find employment (China will use multiple measures to foster employment of the country’s veterans, according to a draft law)
  • Villagers tap tourism to build new life in Gansu
  • Individual investors allowed to buy special treasuries via bourses, banks


  • UK-based charity brings Yunnan clinic
  • EU leaders enter tough negotiation for massive recovery plan
  • New Yorkers hold rallies marches to market Juneteenth
  • NYC cleared to enter phase two of reopening on Monday, says state governor
  • Scholars try to steer US virus response
  • Africa draws closer at virtual trade fair

COVID World data June 20,2020

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