• China grows sea rice on Qinghai- Tibet Plateau
  • Unmanned machines drive road building(As China’s driverless technology booms, highway construction projects have been embracing new helpers.Fleet unmanned road pavers and rollers were busily working on the construction of a highway recently that will connect Panzhihua in Sichuan province with Dali in Yunnan province. Gigantic rumbling vehicles laid asphalt with the help of drivers who acted as coordinators.)
  • No ethnic group should be left behind in China’s poverty eradication-President Xi Jinping
  • Huawei fights back with UK media blitz(Huawei Huawei vice president Victor Zhang has said a newspaper and internet campaign launched by the company aims to give people the facts amid all the noise surrounding the Chinese multinational technology giant)
  • 5G in SE Asia will bring opportunity to Chinese telecom businesses
  • 300 asymptomatic Wuhan cases “not infectious”
  • China’s unmanned submersible sts new record(China’s unmanned submersible Haidou 1 has recreated the country’s deep=sea diving record by submerging 10,907 meters under the Pacific Ocean surface of the Mariana Trench.)
  • Dinosaurs that left tracks in stone identified(Dianosaur footprints that were discovered recently in the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, include tracks of what is believed to be a new species of Asianopodus, a Chinese research team announced on June 5.)
  • High blood pressure increases risk of cognitive impairment
  • China reports improved air, water quality over past 4.5 months
  • Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province reports good coronavirus news
  • Suzhou tops ranking among second-tier cities for tech firms
  • 20,000 relocated after rainstorms hit South China


  • WHO urges health precaution at a mass gathering
  • Peru gets tips from Chinese medical team
  • BYD, Jaguar Land Rover in talks to supply auto batteries from Uk plant
  • ROK urges to maintain inter-Korea communication lines
  • Experts and doctors from Hunan province have won respect and appreciation from local residents after they arrived in Equatorial Guinea to help the African nation fight COVID-19.
  • ADB -the Africa Development Bank to safeguard Africa’s food security against COVID-19 impacts
  • UK “winning battle” against the virus, says government
  • Pandemic hurting poorest UK families
  • Imperial Colledge London strikes deal with produce low-cost COVID-19 vaccine
  • WADA vice-president Yang says doping fight is on way back to normal

COVID-19 data June 09,2020

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