• Trump to stop taking anti-malaria drug
  • Indian Prime Minister promises to help victims of severe cyclonic storm Amphan
  • Floods, COVID-19 and locusts threaten East Africa
  • Beidou navigation system used in majority of countries and regions, designer says


  • China remains attractive investment destination despite pandemic
  • Mars exploration program’s chief scientist dies in Beijing(Wan Weixing, chief scientist of China’s Mars exploration program, died from an unspecified illness on Wednesday night in Beijing. He was 61)
  • Disease model suggests US lockdown delay caused at least 36000 deaths
  • “Single economy” to drive consumption, report says
  • Thousands of grassroots officials praised for tackling isolated area’s poverty (More than 10000 grassroots officials, sent to help poverty relief efforts in the isolated Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province, are crucial to winning the local antipoverty battle, a political advisor said on Thursday.)
  • Talk to your trash bin for proper sorting
  • Suzhou museum fans artistic flames with exhibit
  • Financial aid to students in China up 4 percent in 2019(Financial aid allocated in 2019 to students in China’s various educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities, amounted to 212.6 billion yuan(about $30billion), up 4.07 percent year-on-year, the Ministry of Education said on Thursday)
  • Bike for free in Beijing (Beijing’s transportation commission announced on Wednesday that three major bike-sharing companies will provide free bicycles during rush hours from May 20 to 31, to encourage public to use of pollution-free tools for getting around)
  • Honeywell sets its HQ at Optics Valley,Wuhan