• Japan slips into recession, worst yet to come(Tokyo-Japan’s economy slipped into recession for the first time in four and half years, GDP data showed on Monday, putting the nation on course for its deepest postwar slump as the coronavirus crisis takes a heavy toll on businesses and consumers)
  • Experts cast doubts on US vaccine claims (Research ostensibly began two months before emergency was announced. As President Donald Trump said the United States started to develop a candidate for the first COVID-19 vaccine on Jan 11, experts questioned the administration’s handling of the crisis even though it had early knowledge of the impending pandemic)
  • $3 trillion emergency bill likely to die in US Senate (Unemployment in the United States is rising, retail sales are plunging, industrial production is sagging and Congress is squabbling about what should be included in a second stimulus bill intended to mitigate the effects of the economic shutdown due to the pandemic)
  • Huawei will seek solutions to US tech restrictions (Huawei Technologies CO said on Monday that it will do everything in its power to find a solution to the US government’s largest restrictions, which will block the Chinese text semiconductors)
  • Nucleic acid testing should cover all overseas arrivals: official
  • Trump fires back after Obama’s virus criticism
  • China and Pakistan joined hands to fight coronavirus
  • World Skate unveils updated Olympic qualification process for Tokyo 2020 (rescheduled to July 23-August 8,2021 and numerous qualifiers to be canceled or postponed)
  • Russia and US look to revive space links
  • Top fugitive in Rwanda genocide arrested


  • More support team arrive in Jilin to battle COVID-19
  • Stringent management imposed on Shulan communities.
  • Shanghai reports first local transmission case in 54 days
  • Wuhan says expanded tests to be free of charge
  • Online shopping boom fuels consumption
  • Team measuring Oomolangma height to reach summit Friday
  • Time period for SME loan repayment to be extended(China will properly extend the implementation period of the policy that allows qualified small businesses to apply for delays of repayments of loan principal and interest. It also will create policy instruments to support banks to issue loans with no collateral, an official of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said on Monday)
  • China’s housing market remains stable in April with prices edge up