• Italy sees fewer COVID-19 patients, SMEs prepare for reopening
    Trump says he is considering restoring some funding to WHO
  • Global COVID-19 deaths top 310000:John Hopkins
  • Multiple firefighters injured in downtown Los Angeles explosion
  • COVID-19 lockdown extended to May 31 in India
  • Obama takes jab at US government over coronavirus response
  • FIFA to select the host for 2023 Women’s World Cup next month
  • Chinese companies support COVID-19 fight in Kenya


  • Mask outdoor no longer required, authorities say
  • Masks outdoors no longer necessary in Beijing
  • Passenger flights in China cross 10,000 marks (The number of Chinese passenger flights o Friday reached 10262, exceeding the mark of 10000 on a single day for the first time since February, according to country’s top aviation regulator)
  • Guangdong, HK, Macao studying mutual recognition of virus testing
  • Around 190 museums in Beijing tap technology to display exhibitions
  • 31 counties in Southwest China’s Yunnan cast off poverty
  • Chang’s-4 survives 500 Earth days on Moon’s farside
  • China exports over 50billion masks
  • District in Northeast China’s Jilin city named high-risk for COVID-19
  • By working at doorstep, resettled villagers embrace new life
  • New bonded area in Shanghai to further boost opening-up(Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Area was officially unveiled on Saturday, marking another major step forward in China in terms of a deepened and overall opening-up.)