• Next year’s Olympics will be cancelled if pandemic not over: Games chief
  • Global COVID-19 cases tope 3 million
  • Chinese Alzheimer’s drug wins FDA approval to undergo global clinical trials
  • Africa gets 3rd medical supply from Jack Ma charity


  • China honors young individuals, groups for outstanding contributions
  • Chinese COVID-19 vaccine set for human trials in Australia
  • More than 900m Chinese online
  • Bumper grain harvest possible this year despite outbreak
  • Minimum wages in 6 regions lift above 2000 yuan
  • China’s new maglev train passes speed test at 160 kph
  • Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital closes as last COVID-19 patients leave
  • Agricultural foreign trade hit hard by COVID-19 in Q1
  • Homemade bento box lunches popular with those returning to work
  • Focus on steady recovery seen
  • Longer weekend to boost tourism