• Caution guides EU’s exit from lockdown
  • UK lockdown set for three more weeks
  • Autonomous delivery to address heightened demand during COVID-19 (Self-driving startup will partner with Los Angeles-based e-commerce platform Yamibuy to provide an autonomous and contactless last-mile delivery service to customers in Irvine, California, according to an announcement made on Friday Beijing Time)


  • Japanese moved as China repays favor.( “Grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring.”)
  • Foreigners to get virus care before bill
  • Chinese businesses back on even keel as timely support measures bear fruit
  • Shanghai set to attract foreign investors
  • Military medics leave Wuhan after fulfilling antivirus duties
  • Wuhan to distribute vouchers worth 500 million yuan ($70.6 million )to boost consumption
  • GDP contracts 6.8% due to economic disruption