• New measures to support China-Europ trains aim to help exporters
  • Death top 80000 worldwide
  • World trade to fall by up to 32% in 2020


  • China expands medical supply output, export
  • Beijing welcomes wayfarers from Wuhan
  • Wuhan embraces life again as city reopens
  • Huawei unveils P40 series smartphones in China
  • Huawei, China Unicom to build Beijing into global benchmark for 5G
  • JD to invest more than 6 billion yuan in Hubei
  • Walmart China to invest 3 billion yuan in Wuhan
  • Cloud signing ceremony marks 90.4 billion Tianjin investment plan (A grand “cloud signing” ceremony with a total hefty investment of 90.4 yuan($12.8 billion) was hammered down in North China’s municipality of Tianjin on Wednesday. New projects range from intelligent manufacturing technologies, pharmaceuticals, new energy, materials, and finance, with 88 projects with a domestic investment of 75.1 billion yuan)
  • Wuhan reopens after 76-day lockdown
  • Hubei to remain vigilant regarding novel coronavirus