• Trump invokes DPA to prevent export of medical protective gears during coronavirus outbreak
  • Keir Starmer was on Saturday named the new leader of Britain’s opposition Labour party, replacing Jeremy Corbyn.
  • CDC advises wearing masks as US COVID-19 cases top 270,000
  • UK opens 4,000- COVID-19 hospital


  • China mourns COVID-19 victims (President Xi attends the national mourning for COVID-19 victims)
  • Wuhan mourns compatriots who died of coronavirus (A national period of mourning was held on Saturday, this year’s Tomb-Sweeping day, to commemorate those who succumbed to COVID-19)
  • COVID-19 kills over 60,000 worldwide:WHO
  • Hoarding of grain unnecessary.
  • Asymptomatic carriers get attention (Chinese scientists will accelerate research into understanding the level of infectiousness of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 and recovered patient who has tested positive for the virus, official said on Friday)