• US now has the most coronavirus cases (nearly 84000)
  • Italy COVID-19 deaths top 8000
  • Ventilators ‘Created in China” to help the world breathe easy
  • UN Chief to G20: “We are at war… and not winning it”
  • Coronavirus cases in UK jump to 11658 as single day deaths top 100
  • Coronavirus overwhelms America’s hospitals
  • African nations begin to take tougher measures


  • China cuts inbound outgoing international flights to curtail imported coronavirus cases (China’s civil aviation regulator will reduce the number of international flights in and out of the country in a bid to curb contagion via air travel and contain the rising number of imported cases of the novel coronavirus.
  • From March 29, domestic airlines are required to reduce their international routes to only one per country and cap the number of flights to no more than one flight per week, while foreign carriers allowed to maintain only one air route to China and operate no more than one flight a week, according to a notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration on Thursday night.)
  • Experts share advice on child cases
  • Patients with fever in Beijing need testing
  • China progress offers recovery hope
  • Students overseas concerned over racial targeting
  • Citizens struck abroad to receive more help
  • Beijing to ban hunting, eating wildlife