• New policies make foreigner work permit applications easier (More than 8,500 expat applications for work permits and their extensions have been processed online since the municipal government of Shanghai Introduced the new contactless approval procedures in early February.)
  • Trump cancels in-person G7 summit in favor of video
  • TCT experience shared with US counterparts to fight virus
  • 3 fencing players test positive for CODIV-19
  • Discounts, freebies, coupons spice up consumption market

News in China

  • Beijing’s rules on quarantine grow stricter

( All overseas travelers, even those who are residents, must go to special sites. Beijing has tightened up quarantine measures for inbound travelers to contain the rising risks of imported COVID-19 cases as the epidemic worsens overseas.

From Thursday, all travelers from overseas have to be put under quarantine in designated places for 14 days when they arrive in Beijing, according to the capital’s virus prevention leading group on Thursday. For those who are over 70 years old or under 14 years old, as well as pregnant women and those with diseases who are not suited to be quarantined with others, they can apply for a 14-day home observation with strict assessment.)

  • Shanghai unveils guidelines for plan to become global exhibition hub.

(Shanghai has up to 1 million square meters of professional exhibition space as of 2018. That same year, it held 1032 exhibitions ,up 61 percent from 2010.)

(The standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress on Thursday announced the guidelines regarding the promotion of the exhibition industry.

The guidelines, which aim to transform the city into a global hub for exhibitions, are the first of their kind in the exhibition sector in China and are geared toward improving service quality and efficiency and offering supportive measures.

According to the guidelines, Shanghai will seek to attract international exhibition enterprises to set up their headquarters in the city as well as build a market for large-scale exhibitions with global competitiveness.