• US oil price turns negative for first time in history
  • Trump says to sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration to the US
  • Putin seeks to reassure Russians after cases soar
  • Stocks stumble as oil prices plummet
  • Airlines set to cap seat numbers amid concerns
  • EU nations move toward loosening restrictions
  • Boeing hit by cancel orders of MAX jets
  • Over 100 countries join efforts to evaluate therapeutics for COVID-19


  • President Xi Jinping inspects Northwest China’s Shaanxi province
  • Wuhan gives its shoppers’ coupon bonus
  • Central SOEs(State-owned enterprises) urged to change gears
  • Plastic waste on the rise amid virus onslaught
  • Risk rising of imports of the virus via land border
  • E-sports provide welcome relief to online gamers as real-life schedule lost
  • Production of pork may see rebounding 21