Trade alert

  • Glazed tiles釉面瓷砖: Argentina launched the first anti-dumping sunset review investigation. Recently, the Argentine Ministry of Economy issued an announcement that upon the application of Argentine enterprises, the glazed floor tiles and facing tiles originating in China and the natural, unpolished, polished, semi-polished floor tiles and facing tiles and glazed tiles originating in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil Floor tiles and tiles launched the first anti-dumping sunset review investigation. During the review period, the anti-dumping measures determined in Announcement No. 77 of 2018 continued to be effective. The Mercosur customs code of the products involved in the case is 6907.21.00.


  • India: Oil imports from Russia climbed to a record 1.4 million barrels per day in January, up 9.2% month-on-month, with Moscow remaining New Delhi’s top oil exporter. Russian oil accounted for about 27 percent of India’s imports last month, the world’s third-largest oil importer and consumer.
  • The German Federal Statistical Office recently released data that in 2022 German exports (adjusted by season and calendar, the same below) was 1,564.1 billion euros, an increase of 14.3%; imports was 1,488.1 billion euros, an increase of 24.3%; the surplus was be 76 billion euros, the fifth consecutive year of decline The surplus in 2021 was be reduced by more than half. Among them, the main reason for the sharp increase in imports is that the Ukrainian crisis triggered a sharp rise in imported energy prices.
  • French:According to data recently released by French customs, due to factors such as rising international energy prices and the depreciation of the euro against the U.S. dollar, France’s trade deficit in goods reached a record 163.6 billion euros in 2022, an increase of 78.1 billion euros over 2021. In 2022, the total import of French goods trade was 758.1 billion euros, an increase of 29.1% over the previous year; the total export volume was 594.5 billion euros, an increase of 18.5% over the previous year.
  • China:Since March, China has granted zero-tariff treatment to 98% of the products of the three countries including Ethiopia.The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council of China announced on February 17 that starting from March 1, 2023, 98% of the products originating in the three least developed countries, including the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of Burundi, and the Republic of Niger(埃塞俄比亚联邦民主共和国、布隆迪共和国、尼日尔共和国), will implement zero tariffs. Among them, 98% of tax items include 8,420 tax items marked as “beneficiary country LD” in the preferential tax rate column of “People’s Republic of China Import and Export Tariff (2023)” (Tax Commission Announcement No. 12, 2022), “beneficiary country 193 tax items of 1LD1” and 191 tax items of “beneficiary countries 2LD2”, a total of 8,804 tax items.


  • Yonhap News Agency: The electric vehicle waste battery recycling market will exceed 50 billion US dollars in 2030. SNE Research, an energy market research organization, recently analyzed that based on metal weight, the global waste battery recycling market is expected to be 786,000 tons in 2025, 1.436 million tons in 2030, 2.663 million tons in 2035, and 5.009 million tons in 2040. ; Based on the amount, it will be US$29.939 billion in 2025, US$53.569 billion in 2030, US$95.500 billion in 2035, and US$174.12 billion in 2040.
    OPEC raised its forecast for global oil demand growth this year.

Industry China

  • China Tourism Academy: It is estimated that domestic tourism revenue will be about 4 trillion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of about 89%, and it recover to about 71% of 2019. In 2023, the number of inbound and outbound tourists is expected to exceed 90 million, doubling year-on-year and returning to 31.5% of the pre-epidemic level.
  • Shanghai Securities News: Recently, leading paper companies such as Sun Paper 太阳纸业and Chenming Paper晨鸣纸业 have issued price increase letters one after another. From mid-February, the price of white cardboard will increase by 100 yuan/ton. This price increase is the first concentrated price increase of white cardboard after half a year. According to the industry, the spot price of domestic pulp dropped in February this year. As the terminal consumption bottomed out and went up, the prices of paper products including white cardboard and cultural paper began to rise.


  • National Development and Reform Commission: As of the week of February 15, the national pig feed ratio was 4.09, an increase of 2% month-on-month. According to the current price and cost calculation, the average loss of pig breeding in the future will be 243.57 yuan, and the domestic pig price will rise first and then fall.
  • Henan Provincial Bureau of Statistics: In 2022, the total permanent population of Henan Province will continue to decline, and the natural population growth rate show negative growth for the first time in 62 years. By the end of 2022, the province’s permanent population was 98.72 million, a decrease of 110,000 from the end of 2021. In 2022, the province’s birth rate was 7.42‰, the death rate was 7.50‰, and the natural growth rate will be -0.08‰.
  • Ministry of Commerce: In January, the actual use of foreign capital nationwide was 127.69 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. The actual use of foreign capital in the manufacturing industry increased by 40.4%; the actual use of foreign capital in high-tech industries increased by 62.8%, the high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 74.5%, and the high-tech service industry increased by 59.6%; the actual use of foreign capital in the eastern, central and western regions of my country increased by 13.4%, 25.9% and 21.6%.
  • Shell Research Institute: In February, the average interest rate of the first home in Baicheng was 4.04%, a new low since 2019; the average interest rate of the second home was 4.91%, which was flat from the previous month. In February, the first- and second-home loan interest rates fell by 143BP and 84BP respectively year-on-year. In addition, a total of 23 of the 103 key cities lowered the first-home loan interest rate.


  • Sinomine中矿资源: In order to further develop and utilize Tanco mine lithium ore 矿山锂矿and cesium lutetite ore resources和铯镏石矿资源, it is planned to invest in the construction of a 1 million tons/year mining and dressing project through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tanco, with a total investment of about 176 million Canadian dollars. The completion and commissioning of the 1 million tons/year concentrator will expand the production scale of the company’s lithium salt and cesium salt business raw materials.
  • Didachuxing滴答出行: Submitted a listing application to the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 20, with CICC, Haitong International and Nomura International as joint sponsors.
  • Wens shares温氏股份: In 2022, the total operating income was 83.739 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.9%;The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 5.22 billion yuan, a loss of 13.4 billion yuan in the same period last year; The sales volume and price of hogs increased year-on-year, while the production performance improved, the comprehensive cost of breeding decreased, and the profit of hog farming business increased significantly year-on-year, turning losses into profits.
  • China’s cross-border e-commerce company SHEIN plans to IPO this year. According to the plan, SHEIN’s goal is to increase its revenue to 58.5 billion US dollars (about 401.8 billion yuan) in 2025, and its GMV to reach 80.6 billion US dollars.
  • Shopee: Shopee ranks first in Indonesia’s Q4 e-commerce website traffic ranking.
  • Maersk: Plans to invest in infrastructure in South Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • CMA CGM: Announced a strategic cooperation with La Poste Group.
  • Boeing: 2,000 white-collar jobs will be cut this year.
  • Mercedes-Benz announced its fiscal year 2022 results, with a 28% increase in profits.


  • South Korea’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication: South Korea plans to launch sixth-generation network services in 2028, two years earlier than the original schedule. In response to the plan, a feasibility study for a core 6G technology research and development project worth 625.3 billion won is underway. The South Korean government will also encourage local companies to domestically produce materials, components and equipment for 6G technology and develop open wireless access networks.
  • Thailand: GDP to grow by 2.6% year-on-year in 2022.
  • Switzerland: adopted a decision to further develop negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement with the UK.
  • Air New Zealand’s “Shanghai-Auckland” flight will resume daily direct flights in May.
  • Thailand’s consumer confidence index hit a 26-month high in January.