• World Steel Association: In March, global crude steel output was 161 million tons, down 5.8% year-on-year. From January to March, the global crude steel output was 456.6 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 6.8%; among which, the crude steel output in Asia and Oceania was 331.3 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 7.8%.


  • Baidu Map: By the end of 2021, the cumulative service mileage of domestic new energy vehicles has exceeded 5.11 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to reducing the carbon emissions generated by about 300,000 tons of gasoline. Among the top 10 cities with the highest density of charging stations in China, 8 are located in the south, with Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou ranking the top three; in terms of charging time, Friday is the peak charging demand of the week, and the charging frequency on holidays is at least 30% higher than that on weekdays.
  • The phenomenon of pre-sale clothing on e-commerce platforms has become very common. The delivery time of pre-sale clothing is as short as 7 days, and as long as 30 days or even 45 days. Consumers say that the clothes worn in the current season are already in the next season when they arrive. According to the industry, the current industry is in recession, and the use of pre-sale can reduce costs.
  • China Consumer News: With the prevalence of the “micro-drunk economy”, the bistro business has received a lot of attention in recent years. Taking the “meal + wine” model as the model and with a store area of ​​more than 400 square meters, “slightly drunk”(微醺) catering brands are very popular in the rental market.
  • A number of hotels in Guangdong have recently launched “online class rooms”, and some high-end hotels also offer online class packages with an average price ranging from 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan per day, and provide value-added services such as customized three meals and supervised learning.
  • According to the “Report on the Impact of the Epidemic on Young People”, more than 60% of the post-95s (62.9%) and post-00s (65.6%) are in a bad mood due to negative news about the epidemic and emotional speeches on the Internet. The news related to the epidemic on the Internet is affecting people’s emotions, and the younger they are, the more they are affected. The Baidu index shows that since March this year, Shanghai residents’ searches for “psychological consultation” have surged. In the past month, the popularity of “psychological consultation” has increased by about 250% year-on-year.
  • Residents’ awareness of exercise and fitness has continued to increase, but the epidemic has had a greater impact on the operation of traditional gyms, and the trend of online fitness has increased.
  • The “Investigation and Analysis Report on the Development Status and Consumption Trends of China’s Paid Self-study Room Industry in 2021” predicts that in 2022, the scale of Chinese paid self-study room consumers may reach 7.55 million. At present, the average daily price of paid study rooms in China is concentrated at more than 20 yuan, but the price acceptance range of Chinese consumers for paid study rooms is concentrated below 20 yuan. 55.6% of Chinese consumers think that the price of paid study rooms in China is too expensive.


  • SAFE: In March, banks settled 1,637.4 billion yuan in foreign exchange and sold 1,467.6 billion yuan in foreign exchange, with a surplus of 169.9 billion yuan in foreign exchange settlement and sales. From January to March, banks accumulated foreign exchange settlements of 4,193.3 billion yuan and foreign exchange sales of 3,820.2 billion yuan, with a surplus of 373.1 billion yuan.
  • Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households renting state-owned enterprise houses in Shanghai do not need to provide proof materials affected by the epidemic, and all can be exempted from rent for 6 months in 2022, of which the rent is less than one year. After investigation, the rent reduction and exemption of state-owned enterprises involved more than 80,000 small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and the total rent-free amount is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.
  • Suzhou City: The housing provident fund policy has been adjusted (excluding industrial parks). Since April 21, the upper limit of personal loans has been raised from 450,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan, and the household loan limit has been raised from 700,000 yuan to 900,000 yuan.
  • CCDC: As of the end of March, the total amount of custody was 89.62 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.25%. Among them, the custody volume of overseas institutions was 3.57 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.03%. 77.57% of the bonds were held by overseas institutions through Global Connect.
  • Ministry of Water Resources: The Huaihe River Basin will enter the flood season in May. According to the analysis of the previous climate characteristics, during the flood season this year, the precipitation in the Huaihe River Basin is generally more, with more in the north and less in the south; it is expected that local heavy precipitation in the basin may cause severe flood disasters.


  • Pien Tze Huang: In the first quarter, revenue was 2.348 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.3%; net profit was 689 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.93%.


  • Spain: In March, Spain’s inflation rate reached 9.8%, much higher than the average inflation rate of major EU economies such as France, Germany, and Italy. The rise in energy prices such as electricity is an important reason for the increase in its inflation rate. In March, electricity prices in Spain rose by 107.8% year-on-year, which is only lower than the 181.9% in the Netherlands within the EU.
  • Japan: Affected by the rapid depreciation of the yen and the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the retail price of gold in Japan continued to rise. As of April 20, the retail price of gold in Japan soared to 8,969 yen per gram, setting a new record for nine consecutive business days. The rise in the price of gold has also driven up the price of jewelry in Japan. A jewelry brand announced that it will increase the prices of some commodities from June.
  • United States: U.S. President Joe Biden announced that no vessel sailing under the Russian flag or owned or operated by Russian interests will be allowed to dock in U.S. ports or enter U.S. shores.
  • United Kingdom: The International Trade Secretary announced that further trade sanctions will be imposed on Russia, banning the import of silver, wood products and high-end products from Russia, including caviar.
  • United Kingdom: According to Bloomberg and Reuters, the United Kingdom has authorized Gazprom Bank and its subsidiary to settle Russian gas in rubles by the end of May, according to a document released by the British Treasury on the 22nd.
  • German:Goods pile up in many German ports.