• The first commercial vehicle network: In March, the Chinese heavy truck market sold about 77,000 units, a month-on-month increase of 30%. The 77,000 units were the lowest sales volume in the heavy-duty truck market in March since 2017, down 67% year-on-year. New energy heavy trucks are an important growth point. The product is in short supply, and some companies have already placed orders for May. The sales growth rate of excavators in March was about 49%, of which export sales hit a new high.
  • Trade-in and second-hand consumption have become the choices of more consumers, the mobile phone recycling market is gradually heating up, and the recycling and replacement business has become a standard in the mobile phone industry. In 2021, the social ownership of mobile phones in China will reach 1.856 billion. It is estimated that the total number of idle units during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period will reach 6 billion, creating a huge supply and potential space for the field of mobile phone recycling.


  • Shanghai: The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission stated that for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in all industries in Shanghai, renting the houses of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai can be exempted from rent for up to half a year.
  • This year’s Qingming Festival, the masses are more and more accepting of online sacrifice sweeping. On the first day of the Qingming Festival holiday, 6.95 million people visited the Internet, a year-on-year increase of 275.7%. On the first day of the holiday, 18,925 open funeral service agencies across the country received a total of 5.83 million people, about 1.23 million vehicles, and 320,000 staff members, a decrease of 69.8% and 62.5% respectively compared with the same period last year. , 12.5%. Another 18,011 institutions have not been opened due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.
  • CanSino Biologics: The new coronavirus mRNA vaccine developed by the Group has obtained approval for drug clinical trials from the State Drug Administration.


  • From the night of April 3 to the early morning of April 4, France experienced the lowest temperature in April since 1947, reaching minus 9 degrees Celsius, according to the French meteorological agency. Frost damages 90% of France, except Paris, the Mediterranean coast and the Strait of La Manche.
  • Korea Trade Statistics Promotion Institute: In February this year, the import price index of South Korea’s agricultural, livestock and aquatic products was 112.6, an increase of 31.7% year-on-year, and the increase rate exceeded 30% for the third consecutive month.
  • As energy prices continue to rise, so does the demand for photovoltaic power generation systems in Germany. The market demand has reached 3.5 million photovoltaic systems, 17.5 times that of 2021. Huge demand and international supply bottlenecks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have pushed up PV system module prices by around 10% in a year.
  • Turkish Statistics Agency: In March, Turkey’s inflation rate increased by 5.46% from the previous month to 61.14%. Once again hit a nearly 20-year high inflation. The biggest increases were in the prices of transportation, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and daily necessities, up 99.12%, 70.33%, and 69.26% year-on-year, respectively. Communications, education and apparel and footwear were the industries that saw the lowest growth.
  • According to the Russian website, Slovak Economy Minister Sulik said that if there are conditions to pay for gas in rubles, we will pay in rubles, and the gas supply cannot be cut off. Gas imports from Russia account for about 85 percent of all Slovakia’s gas supplies, so the country will remain pragmatic on the issue.