• Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile: With the acceleration of new energy vehicles, the competition in China’s fuel vehicle market will become more intense. In 2021, there are 85 brands in the traditional fuel vehicle market, of which 34 brands have monthly sales of less than 1,000 units; 9 brands die. In the next 3-5 years, 80% of Chinese fuel vehicle brands will “shut down”.
  • China Business News: Under the influence of the global shortage of cores, the growth rate of semiconductor chip talents has not been synchronized with the expansion of enterprises, and there has been a huge gap in talents. According to the industry, the current talent recruitment in the semiconductor industry is completely a seller’s market; chip talent training cycles are long, technology iterations are fast, and talents in IC design engineers and other fields are quite lacking. It is expected that in 2022, the gap of domestic integrated circuit professionals will be as high as 250,000.
  • According to Zhongguancun Online, the 2021 5G smartphone report shows that Huawei dominates the list with a market share of 29.2%, vivo ranks second with a market share of 15.4%, and Apple ranks third with a market share of 14.1%. Xiaomi ranked fifth in terms of cost-effectiveness. In China’s 5G Android mobile phone brand market share distribution report by age group, vivo has a market share of 21.5% among young people under the age of 24, ranking first.
  • According to an audio platform, young users have become the main force of listening before going to bed. In the 23:00-00:00 bedtime listening content, audiobooks and radio dramas based on high-quality story IP, as well as star radio, humanistic podcasts, and natural pure music become popular content. Listening scenes are more diverse, and listening to sports, coaxing sleep, and assisting sleep have become important scenes for listening before going to bed. At present, in addition to mobile phones, 62% of users will choose smart speakers as bedtime listening devices. Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, and Suzhou are among the top 10 cities to listen to before going to bed.
  • The “2022 China Post-95 Women’s Stress Insight Report” shows that 24% of post-95 women have already faced “retirement” anxiety in advance, and the data accounts for more than health (20%), work (11%), marriage and childbirth (10%), social networking (7%) and other pressures. Many people choose to hedge through health behaviors. 15% believe that skin care products can make up for the damage of staying up late, 26% and 23% choose to eat healthy meals and health products, and 32% choose to drink health tea.


  • CATL(宁德时代): The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released the essentials of automobile standardization in 2022, clearly proposing to revise the safety standards of power batteries and improve the level of thermal runaway warning and safety protection. The non-thermal diffusion battery technology with a higher specific energy of 1000km will be mass-produced in 2023.
  • General Motors said it will shut down for two weeks starting April 4 at its Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S. plant, which makes full-size pickups, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, due to an ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips.


  • Brazil, known as the “granary of the world”, is also experiencing rising food prices. The production cost of basic foods such as beef, beer, and bread has further increased, and the impact has gradually spread to more areas of life. Prices of corn and soybeans have doubled in the past few months, and some local producers have already opted to cut production to cut costs.
  • Petrol and diesel prices in India continued to rise on March 26, the fourth time in five days, with a cumulative increase of about 3.2 rupees per litre. India’s Minister of Road Transport and Highways said that since 80% of India’s oil is imported, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made the rise in international oil prices beyond the control of the Indian government, and the government can do nothing about the rise in oil prices.
  • Finland may have to stop printing and publishing newspapers in the coming weeks due to a severe shortage of newsprint due to a paper mill strike and sanctions against Russia, the Finnish Media Association said. Analysis said that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine exacerbated the shortage of newsprint in European countries. As of March 10, the price of newsprint in the European market has risen by 80% in the past six months, and the current price is 670 euros per ton.