• India: Eliminate import duty exemptions for up to 350 products to promote the Make in India policy and promote the development of India’s domestic manufacturing industry. Daily items such as umbrellas, headphones, headsets, speakers, smart meters and imitation jewellery will be subject to higher tariffs


  • According to a research report released by the research institute of Haina Financial Group, the global chip delivery time in February increased by 3 days from the previous month to 26.2 weeks, and buyers waited on average for more than half a year, setting the longest record since the data began to be tracked in 2017. In addition, the chip shortage presents a distinctly structured feature. The MCU is the most in short supply, with a delivery period of up to 35.7 weeks in February, over 8 months; the shortage of power management ICs is second only to that of MCUs, and the delivery period in this month has been extended by 1.5 weeks.


  • Shenzhen: In addition to ensuring urban operation and the transportation of goods and goods supplied to Hong Kong, the city’s public transportation and subways are suspended, and community communities, urban villages, and industrial parks are under closed management.
  • China Manned Space Engineering Office: Since 2021, my country’s manned space program has successfully implemented 5 missions in the key technology verification phase of the space station. At present, the core module assembly is running stably in orbit, and the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew is in good condition , plans to return to the earth in April this year, the key technologies for the construction of the space station have been fully verified, and the follow-up tasks are ready for solid progress.
  • In 2020 and 2021, the flexible employment rate of college graduates nationwide will exceed 16%. As the main force of employment, industries such as short video production and live streaming have become the choice of many young people. According to the industry, the annual salary of a good director can reach 800,000 yuan to 1 million yuan.


  • Meituan Maiyao has taken the lead in launching a self-testing product for COVID-19 antigens. The relevant person in charge said that starting from March 13, users can make an appointment to purchase related products through the pharmacies that ship nationwide in the Meituan Buying Drug Channel, and the merchants will use express delivery for users from March 20; The covid antigen self-test products are simultaneously launched in domestic and offline pharmacies, and together provide users with a 30-minute door-to-door service.


  • The Ukrainian Minister of Food and Agricultural Policy stated that in order to maintain the balance of the domestic fertilizer market during the war, the Ukrainian government decided to implement a zero-export policy of fertilizers, and the ban involves nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizers and compound fertilizers.
  • French Prime Minister Castel said that from April 1, French people can get a subsidy of 0.15 euros per liter to buy fuel. The measure will last for four months. This measure will cost the French government 2 billion euros. From the end of 2021, oil prices will rise in France and even Europe. The upward trend in oil prices has intensified again as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict begins.
  • The Italian transport industry union said that due to the recent soar  in fuel costs, the Italian transport industry could not support cost pressures, and the transport companies jointly decided that freight trucks will suspend service nationwide from March 14. With 85% of goods sold in Italy transported by road, the suspension of delivery trucks will have a direct impact on communities and cause retail prices to soar in stores and supermarkets.
  • The Ukrainian crisis affects energy supplies, and the British people face a bill crisis. Energy bills for UK households have soared over the past six months, with the bankruptcy of nearly 30 UK energy companies affecting a total of 4.3 million customers. According to the analysis, if the energy price cap in the UK will continue to rise in October this year, the average energy cost of households will be pushed up to 3,238 pounds a year, or about 26,787 yuan.
  • In 2022, the market demand for overseas antigen self-test kits is about 6.588 billion copies. As China begins to gradually promote the new crown antigen test kits, it is imperative to expand the production of antigen reagents.