Covid-19 &Vaccine

  • California Governor Newsom: Signed the nation’s first state-level administrative order, requiring all California schools to meet the age requirements of students from kindergarten to the third grade of high school to be vaccinated against the new crown. California is expected to start compulsory vaccinations for school students who are 12 years and older from January next year; and students under the 6th grade will make the requirements after the relevant vaccines are fully approved.


  • In order to alleviate the fuel crisis in various parts of the UK, the British army will deliver gasoline to gas stations throughout the country from October 4th. About 200 soldiers will participate in the transportation of gasoline, of which 100 will be drivers. Earlier, British truck drivers had a “labor shortage”, which affected fuel transportation. As of October 1, less than half of the gas stations in the UK have both gasoline and diesel supplies, and more than a quarter of gas stations still have no gas to sell.


  • Tesla: New charging stations have been installed in resort hotels in Casablanca and Tangier, Morocco, marking its first entry into the African market. The first batch of super charging stations in Africa may serve more European Tesla owners on vacation than the local market.
  • Hon Hai Group: Signed a cooperation agreement with Lordstown Motors, a supplier of commercial electric light-duty trucks, to purchase its plant and equipment in Ohio for US$230 million, and to subscribe for approximately US$50 million in common stock of the supplier to manufacture Endurance for it. Full-size pickup truck models and OEM production of electric vehicles for Fisker, another new car maker.


  • Data treasure: In conjunction with Tencent Finance, launched the “Income Ranking of College Graduates”. In 2021, the average salary of graduates from 100 colleges and universities is 9064.15 yuan, a slight decrease from 2020; the average salary of graduates from 30 vocational colleges is 6276.8 yuan, a slight increase from 2020. The salary income gap between higher vocational colleges and colleges has begun to narrow.
  • According to a report released by Ctrip, among the people traveling on National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the post-90s and post-00s generations accounted for more than 60%, becoming the absolute main force. During the National Day Golden Week, the per capita expenditure of domestic residents for purchasing outbound tourism products exceeded 5,000 yuan/person. The top ten cities with the highest per capita expenditures all exceeded 8,000 yuan/person. Chengdu, the city with the highest per capita expenditure, even broke through 30,000 yuan/person.


  • US Department of Labor: In July, there were 10.9 million job vacancies in the United States, setting a record high for the fifth consecutive month. The labor shortage in the United States is affecting many industries. The recruitment cycle is longer and job seekers require higher salaries, which brings greater challenges to the company’s production efficiency and management costs.