A number of logistics companies and shipping companies around the world said that in view of the current tension in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in order to ensure the safety of relevant personnel, they will suspend delivery services to Russia and Ukraine.


On March 1, Maersk’s official website issued an announcement stating that it had noticed the impact of the incident on the global supply chain, such as the delay and detention of goods at various transit hubs – resulting in unpredictable operational impacts in general.
With the stability and security of its operations already directly and indirectly affected by the sanctions, Maersk will suspend new bookings to and from Russia by sea, air and intercontinental rail, with the exception of food, medical and humanitarian supplies.
Major delays are expected as countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany seize ships bound for Russia, mainly humanitarian goods. Strict inspection and enforcement of export and transshipment cargo destined for Russia in order to comply with recent sanctions and export controls imposed by different jurisdictions.


On March 1, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company will suspend all cargo bookings to and from Russia from March 1, including all routes including the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Russian Far East.
In addition, MSC will continue to accept and screen reservations for delivery of essential items such as food, medical equipment and humanitarian supplies.


Hapag-Lloyd said on February 24 that it would suspend bookings in Ukraine and Russia, while its Odessa office was temporarily closed. For shipments already destined for Ukraine or Russia, the company said all shipments destined for the port of Odessa will be unloaded in Constanta, Romania; all shipments destined for the port of Novorossiysk will be unloaded in Istanbul, Turkey.
On March 1, the company decided to offer free change of destination (COD) fees for containers in transit, as well as free booking cancellation fees for inbound shipments into both countries.


As early as February 24, CMA CGM announced the suspension of all ships docked in Ukraine, of which bookings to and from Odessa have been suspended.

Floating cargo destined for Ukraine will be redirected to the ports of Constanta (Romania), Tripoli (Lebanon) or Piraeus (Greece). On March 1, the official website announced that all bookings to and from Russia will be suspended from now (March 1).


On February 28, ONE’s official website issued a notice that due to recent developments in Ukraine and Russia, it regretted that its business in the region has been disrupted, and ONE’s ability to complete the transportation of goods to certain destinations has been hindered.
–The acceptance of bookings to and from Odessa, Ukraine and Novorossiysk, Russia will be suspended, effective immediately.

— Suspended bookings from St. Petersburg, Russia, effective immediately, while assessing operational feasibility.
In addition to shipping companies, UPS, FedEx and DHL have also suspended shipments to Russia.


Announcement on March 2 saying “Ukraine and Russia service suspension from March 2”
(Announcement link https://www.fedex.com/en-us/service-alerts.html)


The announcement on March 2 stated that service to Russia and Belarus has been suspended
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Temporarily suspended UPS services.
All international shipping services to and from Ukraine,Russia, Belarus.
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Currently shipping normally