Hi There, I’m Back.

You may curious why the website doesn’t post anything in 55 days and where I’m from.

I’m working on something awesome. And now the new project is finished. So I’m back. My new project from thinking. Hope you can get inspiration.

No matter you are a normal buyer or a businessman, you must witness the crazy market of masks. Some people make money, but some people don’t.


I think three reasons: Market rules changed, Timing, and Accumulation.

Market rules.

Before, the market is buyers’ market, namely Suppliers quantity> Buyers quantity. So Buyers can make decisions following their own rhythm.

But the covid-19 virus pandemic broke the rules suddenly. The market reverses and turns into the suppliers’ market, namely Suppliers quantity < Buyer quantity. Buyers lost control of rhythm. Price, buyer cannot decide. Delivery time, buyer doesn’t know. Quality, buyer not sure. Full of uncertainty. For a buyer, this kind of business is abnormal and full of risks.

But it is the real and truth of the mask market, especially in Feb. March, April 2020.


Many people become millionaires of selling masks. Many people lost millions of money in selling masks. What makes the differences. Doing the same thing, but result is different. Why? The answer is timing.

Some businessmen smell the taste of market, then did actions in Jan.and Feb, quickly combine the supply chain, start to make and sell masks. In April, the market trends show signs of going down and quite from the mask market without hesitation. Before they enter the market, they know what they want and how to earn money in this period. So they make lots of money.

However, some businessmen keep waiting and focus on searching for the lowest price in the market. Time slipped into April and May silently. Following the old rules. They miss the best timing. When they entered, the market is full of competitors, more limits, material price increased, no inventory, cost increase, machine price increase…  So entering the market at this timing, most businessmen don’t make any money.


When opportunities come, those who have resources- such as human resources, personal ability, vision, knowledge, material resources, groups, good partners…. are easier to succeed.

So since May, we are thinking, after the hot of masks market fade,

What will people care about? Health.

What is most important to health? Air, no virus air.

When more people work at home, low work efficiency, what do they need? Voice mouse.

When people go out, what they hope? Social distance.

So our further products will focus on these three blocks.

Our first develop product is UV Sterilized Air LED, which belongs to a niche product in air purifier. Advantages are1) price is only 10% of air purifier, 2) sterilization rate is real 99.64%,3) fit for all the split A/C in the market. 4) No need filter replacement cost 5) no aftersale cost.6) Easy installation.

Here is the product link.