Learn to search patents in 3 minutes.

1) U.S. Appearance Patent Search (5/6 steps)


2) European Appearance Patent Search (4 steps) 


3) Japanese Appearance Patent Search (3 steps)


U.S. Appearance Patent Search

search website:

1. Click “Patent” and select “Search for patents”,

2. Select “Quick search”,

3. For example, enter “bicycle” on the left and click “title” on the right,

4.Select the patent you want to see,

5. After clicking open, select “images”. A single page of information will be displayed,

6. If you want to see the detailed information, click “Full page” on the left, and click the icon in the upper right corner to download or print the file.

European Appearance Patent Search


1. Click “Advanced search”,

2. After the page jumps, select “Designs”, and then search according to the key information on the left,

3. For example, enter “bike” in the product information bar, then click “search”,

4. Select the patent you want to see, click to enter, and you can view it

Japanese Appearance Patent Search


1. Click “J-PlatPat (external site)”

2. Select “意匠”, enter product keywords/patent number and other information,

3. Click on the patent you want to view


1. The patents that have not been published or announced in the application cannot be retrieved;

2. When searching, it is necessary to use multiple search styles to search for accuracy.