Why import from China?

When you want to import, one of the most important things to think about is where to buy these products? when you search the answers from the website, there are so many options. It will confuse you, which is your best option? If I was you, I will choose China. Here are the reasons. Supply chain and Industry chain Firstly, you need to know what is the supply chain, and what is the industry chain. Simply speaking - Supply chain includes industry chain.   Industry chain+ transport+ finish sell=supply chain Industry chain means raw materials purchase, installation and manufacture, packing [...]

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How to visit EXPO in China

Before the show purpose Find new suppliers See new product trends Meet with old suppliers Collecting Competitor Information Collect information from potential suppliers List of essential items for the exhibition Comfortable shoes Phone + mobile power Download wechat in advance-register on site, change tags, or enter the venue directly V PN China's mobile phone numbers are now real-name, and temporary phone numbers cannot be purchased. Only use original number It is recommended to register online in advance. Many exhibition registrations are free of charge and have additional benefits such as exhibitor manuals, souvenirs, and lotteries. Luggage or other [...]

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Source product from China (New + long)

An idea of import comes out Thinking Why should I import? (Profit, competition) Originally, I have been purchasing locally, but in recent years, the cost of procurement has risen, and profits have become lower and lower. I want to buy it directly from abroad. I want to do an online shop business, but the local purchase cost is high and there are few types. I want to earn a higher spread from abroad I am an influencer, and I want to use my influence to increase revenue, I found a good business opportunity, but I do n’t want [...]

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How to import from China (Import process)

Purchase products Find a supplier Confirm details Sign a purchase contract Arrange production Customs declaration + delivery to the port Booking The supplier deliver the goods to the designated warehouse / address Prepare documents for customs declaration Shipment Customs clearance Pickup goods from port to your address

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Trade Terms of International trade

A~F 第一组:A ANER  亚洲北美东行运费协定  即Asia North America East bound Rate 第二组:B BAF 燃油附加费,大多数航线都有,但标准不一  Bunker Adjustment Factor B/L 海运提单  Bill of Lading B/R 买价   Buying Rate B/N 海运托运单 第三组:C C.Y. 货柜场 Container Yard CFR 成本加运费(……指定目的港) cost and freight CFS 散货仓库 Container Freight Station CIF 成本运费加保险,俗称“到岸价”(……指定目的港)  COST,INSURANCE,FREIGHT CIP 运费、保险费付至目的地(……指定目的地) Carriage and Insurance Paid To CY 码头  CONTAINER YARD CTNR 柜子 Container CFS(场):CARGO FREIGHT STATION C/D 报关单  customs declaration C.C. 运费到付 COLLECT C&F 成本加运费  COST AND FREIGHT CNTR NO.  柜号  CONTAINER NUMBER CTN/CTNS  纸箱   carton/cartons CHB 报关行 Customs House Broker C.S.C 货柜服务费 Container Service Charge C.O 一般原产地证  certificate of origin C/  收货人 [...]

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